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Flood disaster

Water Damage Disaster? What Do You Do First?

When a water damage disaster strikes, whether from rapid flooding, catastrophic storm damage or even burst pipes, confusion and anxiety overwhelm rational thinking.  Emotions rule.  Your head is filled with dramatic questions in search of fast answers…

  • Are we in danger?  How can we stay safe?
  • What can we save?
  • Are we going to lose our home?  Our furnishings?  Our business?  Our Office?  Our building?
  • Will we get our life back?  How long will it take?  How do we live?
  • How much will it cost?  Can we pay for it?  Will our insurance cover it?
  • Who do we call?  Who can help us right away?

The  questions seem endless, and they fill your mind all at once.  So the more you prepare for this eventuality, the better off you will be.  Making a disaster checklist with step-by-step, what-to-do reminders and actions to take is extremely valuable.  It’s a powerful tool to help you deal with the trauma as organized and thoughtfully as possible under these difficult circumstances.  Here are a few important 1st steps to take should disaster strike YOU?

  1.  Eliminate Immediate Risks - Don’t go walking through standing water without waterproof boots, waders, or touch water-affected areas without rubber gloves.  Even if water looks clear, it may be contaminated.
  2. Dispose of any food that may have been touched by the water, and boil water until it is declared safe.
  3. Turn off the electrical power to prevent possible electrocution risk.  Even if the power is already off, turn off the main breaker so, if power suddenly comes back on, you, or anyone else, are not exposed to electrical hazards.
  4.  If you have to leave your home quickly, make sure that, upon returning, you first check for structural damage or other hazards before entering the building.
  5. Be sure you contact utility companies immediately because it’s likely others in your area have done the same, and you are competing for the time in their schedule to get to you as soon as possible.
  6. Call your insurance company to file a flood damage claim. Again you are likely competing to get on an adjuster’s schedule as quickly as possible.
  7. Take photographs and videos of the property damage.  Document every aspect of the damage when it is at its worst – that’s especially important if an insurance adjuster doesn’t get to you quickly.  Under no circumstances, except for an emergency, should you start water removal or water damage repair before you have clear documentation – preferably digital image and videos that can be easily copied and transmitted.
  8. Secure the damaged property. Legally and, for maximum insurance assistance, it’s critical that you do everything you can to secure your property to prevent any further damage.  That can include boarding up windows, covering the roof or moving materials and belongings above the water level.  Again, document with digital photos and videos you efforts to prevent additional flood damage.
  9. immediately call a professional water removal and water damage cleanup company  CRM Services should be your 1st choice – Call 24/7 678-540-8606)..  You need to get an assessment of the damage and restoration costs ASAP and, if water intrusions are widespread in your area, our water damage specialists will be very busy  The object is to get on our schedule fast.  Water removal and restoration projects are not good do-it-yourself projects.  Often damage is hidden behind walls, under floor boards and in areas that are easy to overlook.  Get a professional assessment and a professional plan on how to most efficiently and cost-effectively deal with your water damage experience.
CRM Services home page

The New CRM Services Website Is Here!

THe CRM Services team is proud to introduce our exciting new-look website!  We have done our best to organize the breadth of mitigation, restoration and construction services we offer into an easy-to-scan website that makes finding whatever you’re looking for hassle-free.

We welcome your feedback on our website – your comments and your suggestions on how we can serve you better.  We read and value every comment and suggestion.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • A quick-scan home page that provides most of the information you need to immediately review the services that we offer and how to connect with us 24/7/365 to respond rapidly when you need assistance – and arrange a Free, No-Obligation Estimate.
  • A  24/7/365 Hotline that connects you immediately to our always-on-call Emergency Response Teams.
  • Live Chat so you can access instantly our staff, communicate LIVE your situation, and get answers.
  • A link to an Email Inquiry/Free Estimate form that you can complete and submit if you do not need the immediate response that a phone call or live chat provide.
  • A drop-down menu in our navigation to show our Service Areas.  We serve the entire metro Atlanta region, all of Georgia, plus we provide services to the entire Southeast USA – South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.
  • An organized, easy-scan list of all the reasons to select CRM under the link “WHY CRM.”
  • Easy links to individual pages for each of our service offerings to explain why we are the most qualified contractor to address your individual needs –  the most knowledgeable, experienced, certified (and most AFFORDABLE) resource you will find.
  • Be sure to review the “We Handle Everything” page.  We take all the hassle out of dealing with the trauma and confusion.  We take care of all the insurance paperwork, deal with adjusters and the insurance companies to make sure you are protected and can ensure the maximum settlement possible.
  • Also be sure to note our pages that outline our residential, commercial, industrial and institutional services – we can handle restoration and construction projects of all sizes.
  • Plus we’ve added this informative Blog to keep you up-to-date on services, resources and important news that affects YOU.  Stop back often to see what’s new.

There’s much more to see here – browse the new site and find valuable information and resources everywhere.  And, remember, we value your comments and suggestions.

We’re ready to help.